Night City Day Jungle

It is the archetypal urban jungle. When thinking of Hong Kong, high-rise apartment blocks, narrow street canyons and skyscraping offices spring to mind. A busy world city of approximately seven million people famous for its trade, as a centre for world finance, technology production and as a beacon for democracy. But around three quarters of the Hong Kong territory is open countryside, with mountain ranges, grassland and woodlands and beaches. This territory is often mountainous and not necessarily suitable to build on. The variety of plant and animal species in this subtropical city is immense and people come for hiking holidays in the wider Hong Kong territories. Around the densest city areas on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, these two worlds meet. Particularly, around the peak and also in smaller urban parks dotted around the city on both sides of the harbour, this becomes evident. In Night City Day Jungle, I am relating these two environments, the urban and the natural jungle during the equally long days and nights. It becomes apparent quickly that both environments have fundamentally been shaped by people and both offer a certain serenity, even though this is one of the most densely populated places on the planet.