The Shinkansen train is a symbol for high-tech Japan and for speed more generally. Fast transport like this, as well as communication media, have been described as de-spatialising our experience of the world. We are making connections without taking in the 'in-between', slicing through space and time. By photographing from the moving train, I am attempting to get back some of the lost spaces. The results are views that are only possible to see from the train and uniquely taken at an unrepeatable moment in my journey. The foreground blurs while the background retains clear focus. Each shot allows the careful inspection of what otherwise passes unnoticed.


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Onward Compé 2014, Project Basho, March 1 - April 27 2014, Philadelphia, USA - Group Exhibition

Shutter Hub Open 2014, Wisbech & Fenland Museum, June 13 to July 12 2014, Wisbech, UK - Group Exhibition

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