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Nottingham Light Night 2018 - 23 February - 6-10pm

Royal Centre, Nottingham City Centre


An experimental photo booth was set up on the pavement in front of the Royal Centre Nottingham. People were asked to step in and think of Europe while I took their portraits. What is Europe, where is it, what does it mean to you, or where do you want Europe to head? Portraits were projected on the side of the Royal Centre and people had a chance to leave thoughts and comments in the Thinking of Europe guest book. A small selection of the portraits is shown here.

‘Thinking of Europe’ - Commissioned by Nottingham City Council for It’s in Nottingham Light Night 2018 supported by The BID. Supported through an equipment loan from the Mixed Reality Lab.

I don’t think we should come out of the EU. Very upset by it.

Greece is a Beautiful Place. Paris gives me awesome memories; want to travel all of it.

Visited many different countries. I love the different cultures and traditions.

Thinking of Home. Always good to think of the nice warm weather of home.

Leaving Europe will (if it still happens) be the stupidest think the UK will ever do! Just ask the over 85s ...

I enjoyed thinking of beautiful Barcelona and Rome where I am going in 3 weeks time!

If like Spain, which is made up of more than one country ... Why do you think that UK would like to join up to such a fragmented country. Or Greece who is lacking funds to run it. Let along Italy.

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