It was somewhat eerie walking along this path. A fire had passed through not so long ago, leaving a trail of destruction through this pristine forest, the smell of burning still lingering in the air. Fallen trees, twisted branches and scorched earth in beautiful configurations of decay. Some of these looked like they had been arranged just for me to find them. Some of them had to be prized from the general blackness of a particular place. All of them showing the red glow of fire in disguise. Ultimately there is a line where the fire all stopped, one side of the forest surviving and the other side gone.

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Laguna Azul is a lake in the Torres del Paine national park in Patagonia, Southern Chile. In the last 30 years, the area has suffered three large scale fires devastating the native Lenga forest. A Lenga tree takes 200 years to grow to maturity. All three fires were started by accident by hikers, tourists to the area that the local economy depends on. Many tourists come through the small port town of Puerto Natales, where its modest infrastructure supports an international audience of mostly independent travelers.

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